Our family members each have contributed to its creation since its inception. We all love donuts and know how their warm, sweet, softness can make our day just a little bit happier.

We have named our tasty treats after the loves of our lives, our children and grandchildren. No matter what type or flavor, they are all sprinkled with love.

Having traveled throughout Europe, our coffee, lattes and European influenced expressions are a wonderful complement to our donuts. No matter what you try, each item is topped with a little bit of love.

Our thanks to all, we hope we'll see you soon!

address 45 Broadway,
Denville NJ 07834
Helene Garneau
Clif Gauthier

Beignet Powdered Sugar

Camryon's Strawberry Fields
Leila's Birthday Cake
S'more S'more
Toffee for your coffee
Logan's Oreo Explosion

Beignets (3) 3.50, 1.25 each additional

All of our coffee choices can be served Iced or Blended

Coffee – petit-1.50, media-1.75, Grande- 2.00
Tea- petit- 1.50, media- 1.75, Grande- 1.85
Chia Latté- petit-3.00, media-3.75, grande-4.95
Hot Chocolate- Petit-2.5, Media-3.00, Grande-3.50
Espresso - single shot 1.75 double 1.95

Winter hours: Monday closed
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 7am to 4pm | Friday 7am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 6pm | Sunday 8am to 4pm

Corporate and sales
accounts are available